What Distilling Has Taught Me


I distilled my first harvest of spearmint and I wanted to share my experience with all of you. The whole process of distillation has taught me alot. There is nothing like getting your hands in harvesting your own herbs and being with the process.
It is also very tranquil to be with your distillation, and not leave it alone but enjoy being with your still. Because this process may take hours, It is a great time to read, meditate, journal or any other activity that is soothing to your soul as the aromatic molecules subtly fill the room.

It’s a great time to share with others, don’t keep the experience to yourself!

I really enjoyed every step of the process. From clipping and sorting out the fresh plant material from my garden with my dad to the time of distillation. The final product was super potent and aromatic!

The process of distillation is good for the spirit. It helped me tune into my creative side with ease to move forward on a few small pending projects where I felt stuck.

Distilling to me is a new form of self care. Aromatic distillation holds a space for a peaceful atmosphere; for a time to slow down, be still, recover, and become productive at the same time!

About my final product:
Spearmint hydrosol (Mentha spicata)
Wonderfully refreshing, cooling and stimulating to the mind, Spearmint inspires enthusiasm and joy! Spearmint loves to offer the energy to get started on your work day or to complete a great workout. Mist its aromatic hydrosol for a cooling pick me up anytime!

Hydrosols will be available for purchase at our workshops.

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