Hibiscus- Delight in an Infusion

These beautiful flowers are not just for adornment. The produce a wonderful aromatic infusion.

Tonic in Elder

We see Elderberry all over the internet especially during cold and flu season. So what is elderberry exactly?

What is an aromatherapy inhaler and why should I care?

Perhaps you have seen these interesting little tubes that people smell or maybe it was just the title of this blog post that sparked your curiosity. Either way welcome to my blog. I would love to share insight as an aromatherapist about these wonderful little inhalation tubes. As Aromatherapists, we utilize different tools to help… Continue reading What is an aromatherapy inhaler and why should I care?

Tisane Anybody?

We’ve all enjoyed the popular beverage Tea. Whether hot, cold, green, black or white. Sweetened or naturally flavored – Tea is terrific!
So what’s Tisane? How is it different? What’s it like? Read on!!

How Scent Captures our Emotions

Have you ever had a smell transport you to another place? Perhaps a good memory of something you did or a place you visited. Our limbic system AKA our Emotional Brain Center, is responsible for the ability for a scent to capture us and bring back memories in such detail. “It is the home of… Continue reading How Scent Captures our Emotions

Hydrosols – Healing Aromatic Waters

As an aromatherapist, I’ve studied essential oils and their benefits for over 16 years. But there is another beautiful product that’s derived from the distillation of plants. As a matter of fact, the distillation of plants was originally done with the purpose of extracting hydrosols way before essential oils. There is evidence of distillation of… Continue reading Hydrosols – Healing Aromatic Waters

What Distilling Has Taught Me

I distilled my first harvest of spearmint and I wanted to share my experience with all of you. The whole process of distillation has taught me alot. There is nothing like getting your hands in harvesting your own herbs and being with the process. It is also very tranquil to be with your distillation, and… Continue reading What Distilling Has Taught Me