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Fernanda Santiago


Born in the Island of Puerto Rico, Fernanda Santiago has always had a passion for wellness and helping people get healthy. Her great grandmother was a midwife, herbalist and considered by many to be an expert in the use of natural healing compounds. This knowledge of herbal medicine and natural healing has been passed down for generations. Fernanda was introduced to Aromatic Botanical Medicine early in her career and has specialized in Aromatherapy for 16 years. She has also trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and mentored by Acupuncture Physicians, and Botanists, gaining hands on experience. She has studied with both Floracopeia and The School of Aromatic Studies.

She loves gardening, the outdoors and creating custom formulations for her clients. She has a private practice in Apex, NC named Healing Feels Good®. Here she provides consultations, Aromatherapy treatments & formulations as well as bodywork sessions such as Reflexology, Thai Massage and Thai Herbal Poultice treatments.

She is the co-founder of Apex Retreat Seminars, a nationally approved continuing education school for massage therapist and is a Level 2 NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist.

She loves to share her knowledge and passion for helping others using traditional methods of healing.

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Everyone has individual needs. The internet is bombarded with misinformation and unsafe practices. Don’t do it alone, get advice from a health professional and expert in Aromatherapy and Holistic Health. We will not only identify aromatherapy and botanical’s to help you with your needs, but also lifestyle recommendations to complement your overall well-being. Aromatherapy is NOT one size fits all. It is complimentary alternative medicine. By including it into your healthy lifestyle routine, it will help enhance what you do and help you create a complete path to wellness.